David de HaanDavid de Haan, photographer

My work is rooted in reality, but it’s not about reality. I’m focused on peace and tranquility in a busy world. I try and find this in different subjects and environments. My work is often about the presence of people although they are rarely visible. I’m studying photography at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam where I’m further developing my own vision and style.

Van Oudshoornhove 28
2726BX Zoetermeer
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 6 5316 3602

Feel free to contact me if you like my work, want to work with me or want to use my images. Also check out Point of View Amsterdam. They sell some of my work.


  • Langs de snelweg (Roadside), self published, 2016
  • Featured in New Dutch Photo Talent 2018, GUP, 2017
  • Hedwigepolder, self published, 2017 (still a few copies available)


  • Het oog, group exhibition @ Photo Academy, Amsterdam, 2017
  • New Dutch Photo Talent 2018, group exhibition @ 5&33, Amsterdam, 2017/2018